Saturday, April 27, 2013

Warhammer 40K Blood Angels Birthday Cake

This is a chocolate cheesecake.

This is a Brant.

Now this is a battlefield! 

The Sanguinary Guard lead the 2nd Company Assault Marines into battle. 

 Two Razorbacks, a Baal Predator Tank, and a Dreadnought complete the tableau.

This is mostly dry brush technique. Paints used: Red Gore and then Mechrite Red when we ran out of Gore; Bleached Bone and Skull White; Boltgun Metal; Burnished Gold; accents of Wazdakka Red; Chaos Black and various complementary colors for shading. The bridge is Loacker Quadratini bite size dark chocolate wafer cookies. The river, which is a much less sickly color in reality, is butterscotch caramel sauce.

Happy Birthday to Patrick from your friends & family.


  1. Patrick points out that I put one of the twin linked lascannons on the Rhino, which gives it too much firepower. Good thing they aren't glued down and he could swap it for the twin linked assault cannon.

    He owes me a pony for my birthday.

    1. Patrick points out that the Rhino is actually a Baal Predator Tank. Corrected the post to reflect this.

      You may note that I am still not mocking him.

  2. Oh My God This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good work Ousi and Brant!!!!!